Make an Appointment

Make an appointment with Alison Odey for friendly, straightforward advice and professional treatment.

Clinic times:
Generally Monday to Friday from 9am to 1.30pm.
However best to check as some weeks I may only work 3 days!

For appointments:
Phone: 027 9200149
Email (often the best contact) [email protected]

Adults: $NZ 70.00.
School children: $NZ 60.00
Under Fives: $NZ 40.00
ACC surcharge: $NZ 35.00
Click here for a $10 discount on your first consultation!

If a one to one appointment is not possible then I can work via email.
Payment can be made via the Ask Alison page.

Physical address at Papamoa:
84 Percy Road

POSTAL address:
PO Box 11252
Palm beach. 3151
New Zealand