Adhesions can occur when the body is attempting to protect itself from an
irritant of some sort (as in endometriosis) or can occur after surgery as the
body attempts to heal. Usually in order for scar tissue to form instead of
healthy tissue, the body is deficient in minerals and in particular Zinc and/or
Vitamins A and E. Adhesions typically solidify over time and can become
thickened and fibrous if not treated.

Zinc is the most specific mineral to use and probably the most effective in
reducing scar tissue. It does take time (as in years rather than months, but is
well worth doing).
See page on ‘ Zinc’.

Zinc is best used in conjunction with other minerals, as is found in
Colloidal Minerals.
See page on ‘ Minerals – facts’ and  Minerals – why we need to supplement’.

Other natural treatments to reduce scar tissue can include using niacin (Vitamin B3). Niacin greatly increases circulation to the skin and therefore also to scar tissue and allows minerals to penetrate the area and promote healing.

When using Niacin Therapy and be sure to start with a very low dose and
increase slowly to avoid excessive ‘flushing’.
See notes on ‘Niacin – Use of’.

As mentioned Vitamin A and E deficiency can be another cause of excess scar
tissue formation but even once the scar tissue has formed supplementation can
help its reduction.

To reduce pain caused by adhesions try applying Castor oil packs to the scar
area as it is extremely good for softening scar tissue and helping it become
more elastic and less likely to pull and tug.
See notes on ‘Castor oil Packs’.