Adrenal Stress

Often people are diagnosed as having adrenal stress or ‘adrenal exhaustion’.
I personally prefer to treat this as general stress to the body, because in my view that is what it is.
Stress can come about from many different causes such as:
– Prolonged emotional or work stress.
– Lack of rest.
– Chronic pain.
– Poor nutrition etc.
The adrenal gland is the part of the body that helps us cope with stress of all types. The adrenal consists of two major parts; the medulla and the cortex and they work together to handle any stress the body may encounter.

The medulla responds to the sympathetic nervous system and excretes adrenalin in response to acute stress and prepares the body for ‘fight or flight’. This directly affects heart rate, blood pressure and blood supply to the brain, heart and muscles.

The cortex responds to pituitary stimulation and secretes steroid hormones (cortisol and aldosterone) to help the body adapt to chronic stress.

As such if the body becomes over stressed for long periods we to need to support the adrenal gland and its function. I have put any of the mechanisms and treatments that I use and recommend on the page
‘Stress and how to cope with it’.