Bed-wetting can be an extremely distressing problem for many families.
Not only for the parents but also for the child involved. A child can often become quite withdrawn from their friends and distressed at not feeling they can ‘stay over ’etc.
As an Osteopath and a Naturopath I tend to treat this problem using both modalities.

Although many parents believe that the problem is hereditary and therefore not easily treatable, I often find that if there is tension or congestion in the lumbar region of the spine and pelvic region of the abdomen (which can affect the kidneys and bladder) that releasing this tension may ease the problem.

This may have to be done over a number of treatments, but if an improvement is seen initially, it is worth continuing.
This improvement is often seen as less urine being passed and more ‘dry nights’ occurring, rather than completely ceasing altogether immediately.

I usually combine these treatments with a herbal remedy aimed at relieving as much stress and tension as possible and improving the sleep pattern.

Improving the sleep pattern is important as it can affect the production of the hormone that reduces urine production at night.
If bedwetting is affecting your child then it is worth a try!

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Up-dated November 2013