Cytomegalovirus (or CMV)

Cytomegalovirus (or CMV) is a member of the herpes group of viruses and unfortunately like any member of this group has the ability to remain latent in the body.
It can and will return at any time the body becomes tired, strained, stressed or undernourished, in the same way as herpes simplex will repeatedly cause ‘cold sores’ or herpes zoster can reactivate as shingles.
Your best defence is your body’s own defence system in better shape.
See page on Cold sores.

Minerals are important especially Zinc, Magnesium and Selenium. However I
would recommend taking Colloidal minerals as they generally supply good amounts of all necessary minerals.
See page on ‘Minerals – facts’ and ‘Minerals – why we need to supplement’.

Lysine can help stop viruses replicating and is an excellent defence.
Take 500mg daily or 1000mg if the virus is active i.e. when there are detectable symptoms.

Vitamin C is useful but needs to be taken in large amounts to be effective against a herpes type infection. Take 2000-10,000mg daily.

All B vitamins are necessary to support the immune system as is Vitamin A and should be taken daily.   Vitamin A often also needs reasonably high amounts to be effective against viruses. Be careful to only take low amounts if you are pregnant.
Often extra Vitamin B12 is necessary and is best taken separately on an empty stomach to aid absorption. See page on Vitamin B12.

Many herbs are also extremely useful in boosting the immune system.
Saint John’s Wort and Lemon balm (Melissa offifinalis) have a mode of action that can be quite specific against herpes viruses.

Other very useful herbs for any viral infection are Echinacea, Astragalus, Phyllanthus and Reishi mushroom.

In the case of CMV I would also recommend the use of ‘liver’ herbals such as St Mary’s Thistle, Globe artichoke and Dandelion root, as CMV can affect the liver.
These can be mixed together as fluid extract  and taken at a dose of 3-5 ml twice daily.
Contact us if you wish to order herbs.

Do not under estimate viruses of this type. Be sure to avoid over-work and
excess stress of any kind and make sure you eat and sleep regularly. The body is
capable of keeping these nasties under control but you need to look after your

Up-dated July 2015

  • luis

    I recently tested positive for CMV. Do I have to take all of these supplements or a select few?

    • Anonymous

      I would definitely take lots of colloidal minerals, at least 1000mg Lysine and Vit.C if your dietary sources tend to be inadequate.
      Mushroom extract would also be advisable as it is a great way to improve the immune status.
      Good luck, and be sure to keep a check on this, don’t just presume you are OK.

  • Badnblond

    Omg so thankful to find this site. My daughter is 30 weeks pregnant and hospitalized for low amniotic fluid. Her fluid is went from a 4 up to a 12, so great news right…nope now they said my daughter has CMV and basically are giving her all of the doom and gloom…baby can be def, blind, stillborn, downs syndrome, kidney issues. Not once have they mentioned nipping this in the butt or try to prevent it further. Going to try some of these herbs. I just made her no bakes with astragulus, echinaccea, milk thistle, carob,various raw organic seeds.

    • AlisonOdey

      So glad you found this useful. Good luck to your daughter, hoping the pregnancy goes well.

  • Andrew511

    I have been suffering from severe symptoms of CVM for eight weeks now. This thread of natural treatment options is wonderful! I am thrilled to come across your knowledge and have started to institute most of your recommendations above. One set of symptoms I am experiencing is severe muscle aches, soreness, twitching muscles and joint point. Is there something specific you could recommend to help treat these symptoms and further aid my recovery process. Thank you in advance for the advice!

  • AlisonOdey

    Muscle aches, soreness etc is
    fairly general with any viral illness – I suggested that you increase the level
    of Lysine a little past what is recommended on the web site. Try 3000mg or even
    up to 5000mg for a little while then decrease.

    RE the muscles twitching – I feel that you are probably very deficient in all
    minerals ( so read the link on the web page to the info on Minerals ) but also
    increase Magnesium over and above what you would get out of colloidal minerals.
    Try 500mg twice daily ( Taken AWAY from food). Best first thing in the morning
    and last thing at night.

  • Megan

    I want to thank you for posting this, there is very little out there on the internet that broaches this subject. Most people don’t get sick from this virus, I am the exception. I am a healthy adult and for some reason this virus has been attacking me for over 3 months. It feels as if it will eventually win. I’ve developed anxiety and panic attacks which have never been a problem for me before. My Dr, who I have seen about 6 times in the last 3 months, doesn’t want to treat with antivirals bc there isn’t one specific for cmv and it is risky to try others. He has put me on a low dose antianxiety medication. But I’m desperate, I can’t live like this much longer, I have two small children who deserve a mother who can function. I have been taking the vitamins you have suggested. One of my symptoms that is scaring me is foggy headedness, trouble concentrating, and a feeling of disconnect. I know this post is somewhat old but do you have any additional advise?

    • AlisonOdey

      Hi Megan, thank you for your question, but sorry you are in such trouble.
      It is very difficult to answer this question without actually seeing you or having more information. – However you need to be taking Lysine (amino acid not Vitamin). Plus Vitamin C.
      If you are still foggy headed there can be several reasons. The main possibility being inflammation. High doses of Evening Primrose oil 6000mg+ (this can also help with anxiety) daily or other anti-inflammatory herbal may help.
      Secondly the anti-anxiety medication may well cause this type of symptom. See your GP.
      Thirdly a problem in the cervical vertebrae (neck). This would be needed to be checked by a good Osteopath.

    • Cindy Potter-Sherman

      All those symptoms sound like possibly either hypothyroid, or, early Hashimoto’s that has not YET messed up your tsh numbers. I would get a full thyroid panel plus TPO antibodies & thyroglobulin antibodies. Any chronic virus can trigger Hashimotos antibodies (TPO antibodies &/or thyroglobulin antibodies)

      • Megan

        My doctor did lots of tests, there was nothing to suggest that the cause was autoimmune. It has been 7 months since I posted this. Since then the virus has reactivated several times. I’d say it does every 6 weeks or so. Thankfully, it has not been as bad as the first onset of the virus and the first reactivation thereafter. My doctor has ordered a genetics test to see if there is something in my genes causing me to be more susceptible to this virus. If nothing is found there I am going to seek out a infectious disease dr to try and figure this out. I still take many vitamins each day. I can only hope that I will find a solution. I’m 30 years old with 2 kids, a career, and the desire to have another child. I don’t have time to be sick.

        • Cindy Potter-Sherman

          I The problem with autoimmune issues is that dr’s don’t recall understand them that well. I have known folks with all of the symptoms you just shared (and no “classic autoimmune” symptoms) that were dealing with either those two thyroid antibodies, or, this antibodies + hypothyroid. You have nothing to lose to get the bloodworm done. Also, regarding genetics, certain MTHFR mutations make one vulnerable to chronic virus issues, as well as other problems, including the brain fog and anxiety that you mentioned above.

        • ursula

          hi megan
          can you tell me how thngs are now with the CMV. Im 8 weeks into it really ill, it causes severe anxiety and i have t take ativan. Anything youve tried? Could you get off the anti axiety drug? I will try the coconut oil.

  • Debby

    Thank you for sharing this! I have been looking for a natural treatment for cmv for some time…
    I am expecting and cmv came up positive in my blood work. (I have no symptoms) I want to get rid of it.
    I am taking vit c, garlic, lemon water, and raw apple cider vinegar with cinnamon and raw honey.
    I am not sure how much vit c to be taking….As for Zinc, and Magnesium. I do try to eat a pretty rich diet, is that enough or do i need to be taking supplements?
    Thank you!

    • AlisonOdey

      If you haven’t already read this link.
      CMV can be positive in many people without symptoms….it may not necessarily be active, and the blood test may change over time.
      To help clear the body the immune system must be strong. In my opinion, supplements are needed over and above the normal diet.
      I don’t know what the soil levels of Zinc and Magnesium are where you live but in many places of the world they are minimal. I use a Colloidal mineral so that ALL minerals are supplemented not just a few.
      Lysine in particular I have known to help, it is an amino acid not a mineral or vitamin.
      Vitamin C, I would think about 1000mg daily – or to bowel tolerance if really ill. Liposomal Vit C would most likely absorb better.

  • Robby Starr

    Someone I know worked at a prison they caught it from a dirty ice machine. They cured it completely with coconut oil combination. they claim They found the info on the net and found it cures all forms of the virus. herpes. They are not sure what combination works. They said prior to that they did a detox of Astaxanthin and 1000 of vitamin C. They are not sure if the detox contributed. They now take 1000 of natural oat fiber to offset the effects of unhealthy oil in the blood. The doctor can’t figure out what was the single contributing factor nor can they. The feel the coconut oil pills was the turning factor.

    • AlisonOdey

      I feel that most likely the Astaxanthin + Vit C will have made the difference (my opinion). However, I would also question whether the virus has been completely ”çured” as the body will keep any virus under control with a strong enough immune response, but a virus may return at any time the immune system weakens.

      • Robby Starr

        Could be I just know the virus is at undetectable levels. Since my friend took it they now sell Astaxanthin with coconut oil to aide in absorption. His doctor did say if he were to consult before taking he would recommend coral calcium at lunch because Astaxanthin robs calcium and that would also benefit ph. He did say this combination is not for anybody on blood thinners. He did not know to take coconut with the Astaxanthin he took them separately . He fried bacon and ate a piece every morning to help with absorption of Astaxanthin he did not connect they could be taken together Astaxanthin and coconut. They were taken in separate waves. He fried the bacon every Monday and kept it premade in the icebox and just ate it 1 pack of bacon a week. It was difficult at first to not eat the bacon.

        • AlisonOdey


        • Bestie B

          Hi Robby, thanks for sharing. Do you have the exact plan your friend used? Dosages and time used or do you have the website that you can share? Also, how long was the virus in your friend’s body before he started treatment. Thanks.

  • Paloma Cambron

    Hi. I know that this post is old but I have been researching natural ways to treat CMV and came across this. My husband was diagnosed with CMV a week ago after multiple ER visits, antibiotic treatment injections and lots of tests performed. We finally went to an infectious disease dr and she said he has CMV. He has been sick for almost four weeks now with fevers, loss of appetite, nausea, tiredness. His fevers aren’t coming as often anymore and he doesnt seem to be as weak as the beginning. The dr told us there is no treatment for this and it will go away with time. What you recommend above we will buy for him to take. Will that all help treat the virus and keep it from coming back. Would you recommend a parasite cleanse or some sort of detox to help the body get back to normal. We are desperate for answers as taking the natural way seems to be our best solution.

    • AlisonOdey

      The whole trick in my opinion, is to improve the immune status and KEEP it high so the body can over come the virus. I don’t think in this case that a ”detox” or parasite cleanse is necessary at present, however you may need to re-visit this in a month or so. Maybe email me direct in a month or so with more details (there is a NZ$50 fee) and I will see if I can help further.