About Alison

Hi, I’m Alison Odey.  I’ve been operating as a Naturopath and Osteopath  since 1989. Recently I  de-registered as an Osteopath so now operate as a Remedial Body Therapist. Treatments however, remain the same although I can no longer access ACC.

My clinic is now named ‘Naturally Holistic Health’ as I feel that this best describes what I do, as all treatments are a blend of many therapies.

I am the mother of two grown children,  grandmother of five, and now ‘great gran’ of four.

I first studied with the New Zealand Naturopathic College in 1988, with subjects ranging from Naturopathy, Massage, herbs and Reflexology.  Later I studied Shiatsu, Iridology, and the further use of herbs. Finally Osteopathy, graduating from the Osteopathic College of New Zealand in 1997.

Today I use a blend of therapies but the focus is always on treating the body as a whole. While everyone is unique, their mental or physical problems their own, I believe good nutrition, body balance and spinal alignment can be a good first step to treating health issues from within.

As a trained Naturopath and Osteopath you will find that I view my treatments with a much wider perspective than others may do.
If I think it necessary you will find that I often recommend mineral or herbal supplements and/or exercise regimes which can often speed up recovery and support the body so that reoccurrence of a problem is less likely.

As a Naturopath you will find I often will check the spine as part of my treatment plan. Often I will include in a treatment such techniques as massage and stretching, ‘muscle energy’ techniques, gentle mobilization of joints, in many cases visceral or cranial techniques and sometimes reflexology.
All are very safe and gentle.

My consultations usually last about three quarters of an hour and I try to keep costs and further appointments to a minimum.
The emphasis is on teaching each person to be well rather than relying on practitioner appointments.

I see a huge variety of people at the clinic, from all backgrounds, of all ages… but each one has something in common – a desire to help themselves and a strong determination to be well.

Alison’s qualifications:

– Naturopathic Diploma (N.D).
– Diploma of Osteopathy (D.O).
– Cranial Sacral Certificate
– Massage Certificate (Swedish/Remedial)
– Homeobotanical Certificate
– Shiatsu Certificate
– Reflexology Certificate
– Post grad. Phytotherapy Diploma