Hi Alison. I have been meaning to email you for so long and thank you for the help that you gave to my son. Your support has made a massive change for him and he is largely back to his regular self. We so appreciate you and your advice and support.
M. Te Puke. 2023

After two weeks of quietly discharging my foot has healed up beautifully after a day of oil of oregano on it!!!!  Thank you so much! I’m really delighted!
Janie. Papamoa Oct 2019

Hi Alison, I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year break. Just thought I would drop you a line to say thank you so very much for keeping my back working for the past few months and also for the recommendation to try Pilates to help solve the back problem. The Pilates seems to be making quite a difference.
Lynn. Papamoa. Feb 2019

I feel like I’ve lost my right arm when I run out of these minerals haha…
Paul. Papamoa. July 2018

Thank you Alison, Its always comforting to know you are there when I need you.
Colleen. Hamilton. 2018

Hi Alison, I enjoyed your newsletter, so lovely to hear what spins your buttons pretty much the same as my own. I hope you have a really lovely break.
Colleen. Opotiki. December 2017

Hi Alison, The minerals are a big help,  also the online shop is great, as I am very busy and have been trying to get to see you for ages to get more! Cheers.
Paul. Papamoa. October 2016

Hi Alison, I have felt amazing ever since I left you. I know I have said it before but it is unbelievable the results you create! Thank you.
Sue. Papamoa. May 2016

Hello Alison, Thank you so much for yesterday.  It is so good to start feeling better, and your massaging hands work magic….and what is more you are a cat person! So nice.
Lyn Mac. Papamoa. February 2016

Hi Alison,
I’ve been meaning to email you to thank you for doing a great job of freeing me up last week. I really appreciate your skills and effort and it always feels good to come out straighter than I went in! Thank you.
Hope you have a good Easter break and chance to take some time out from treating patients and being a garden and kitchen goddess.
Anne. Whakatane. April 2015

Hiya Alison, The treatment you did has been of so much benefit for me. One of my work colleagues noticed the difference in my face as soon as I walked into work the next day and I reckon I can feel the muscles working a lot better on that side of the face. Thank you.
Helen. Papamoa.  Feb 2014

Hello Alison, I really appreciated your time and the fact that you took my health issues seriously. I have been struggling to get an allergy specialist to take me seriously and he definitely didn’t consider looking at all the individual episodes in a holistic way.  My condition has greatly improved. Thanks.
Annika. Rotorua. Feb 2014

Hi Alison, Thanks for all your advice during the year. A great help. Thanks, and a happy restful Christmas !
Ruth den Boogert. Auckland. Dec 2013

Hi Alison, I have been meaning to let you know how much better my neck shoulders etc are since my last visit . Thank you. And look forward to my next appointment.
Nicky. Tauranga. August 2013

Hi Alison, Just letting you know what your organic evening primrose capsules have done! About every ten years or so I have had a joint, usually a knee, swell up to triple the size so I can’t bend it, and need to be drained with a gigantic needle once or even twice.  This is quite a painful procedure.  Anyway last night my right knee started to become painful and to swell up alarmingly fast. Am supposed to bandage it tightly when that happens. Well, I was too tired to hunt out any bandages so just went to bed and hoped for the best but not before taking 5000g Evening Primrose and rubbing on some Real Deal Hurt creme. I remembered you’d advised evening primrose capsules when I had problems with swollen ankles some years back.  It is still a bit tender but have been able to walk on it without pain all day so far and bending it has not been a problem.  Whoopee!
Pam. Auckland, May 2013

Hi Alison, I appreciate all that you have done for me, thank you. My nails are fantastic, and I am taking the minerals every day. The nails are the first step in some significant self improvement drives and in time I hope that I can reflect on you helping me to make the first step towards being a better person.
John. Victoria, Australia. February 2013

Many thanks – the minerals are great, have given me a real boost and now I have my husband taking them.
Natalie. Tauranga. February 2012

Love, love, love your Real Deal Hurt creme…Majic stuff!!!
Anne.  Papamoa. January 2012

Would just like to tell you that since taking LifeSprings minerals  have felt so much better. Thank-you.
Colleen, Pirongia. September 2011

Gosh that Real Deal Hurt creme is great. I thought I would rub it on my terribly
arthritic fingers the other morning before golf. It was wondeful, the pain and
stiffness that I usually get when playing golf on cold mornings just didn’t
happen. Thanks.
Ngaire. Mt Maunganui. July 2011

Hi Alison, This is just to let you know what the adenosine is doing/has done! I only need to take half a tablet about every three days and the time between is becoming longer.
I have slept solidly every night since you sent them up and have noticed my complexion having more colour and my eyes having more life to them. I have still had that jaded effect but feel it is lightening recently. But after ten years or so of not sleeping well it is great. The homeobotanicals help if I am up tight or strung up but they don’t seem essential.
And as I am getting more sleep my immunity is stronger and of course being able to sleep better means less joint inflammation as well!
Pam. Auckland. June 2011

I’m an acupuncturist in Australia, and a couple of weeks ago when I was finding it difficult to find time to cook a good high protein breakfast every morning, googled ‘high protein muesli’. Your muesli recipe came up, I made it that day, and have had it almost every day since! It’s so tasty, keeps you full, and being low in carbs you don’t crash by 9:30.
So I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your recipe! I go to bed at night now looking forward to having some delicious muesli in the morning
Juliet. Australia. April 2011

I am always amazed at how Alison has this ‘knack’ of putting her finger right ‘on the button’ of what is wrong or what is needed. Clever.
Lesley. Mount Maunganui. April 2011

I would like to say thank-U for the time spent with you as you fixed my back and myself,
helping me to retrain everyday situations, as my back, legs and arms are my independence and need them to function properly once again thank-U
Tracey. Te Puke. March 2011

I found this web site information extremely informative and later discovered that Alison’s consultation’s were even more so. Very helpful and constructive. I learnt alot.
Tania. Rotorua. March 2011

I first visited Alison’s clinic in 1989 with my young children. They are now grown but I still visit occasionally when the need arises. Always very good service and results are great. Thanks Ali.
Gillian. Papamoa. Feb 2011

Alison is a very intuitive practitioner who often finds solutions to health problems that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. She takes time to teach, and tries to make sure you understand the reasons for a particular problem occurring. Great!
Lyndall.  Mount Maunganui, October 2010

Alison is a gifted healer who is meticulous in the care of her clients.
She is skilled in many natural health disciplines and takes time to keep her training up to date.
She has been my primary health carer for 15 years and her many talents have helped me through a variety of complaints or illnesses and kept me fit for a very busy life.
Barbara. Tauranga. 2009

I had had a number of health problems which I could find no relief from.
I then heard about Alison Odey through a good friend of mine so I visited her at her practice in Papamoa.
After a consultation with Alison she made some basic recommendations for me to follow. I have now been following her recommendations for a month or so and I must say I have noticed many benefits. I sleep better, I feel more alert during the day. My nails and skin seem to be ‘glowing’. I train for marathons and seem to be able to recover from long runs quicker.
I would highly recommend visiting Alison to anyone. Even if you are a healthy person there is so much Alison can advise you on to continue your good health and well being.
Again, thank you Alison.
Peter.  Mt Maunganui. 2009