Nutritional Advice

You are what you eat…

Modern food is not what it used to be. Processed, packed in plastic and robbed of essential nutrients, today’s fast food and convenience meals are not always providing us with the vital ingredients our bodies need to be operating on all four cylinders.

Nature’s bounty has been affected by the amount and type of synthetic fertilisers/pesticides used in its growth, farming methods and the use of processing and preserving to get food to our supermarket shelves on time.

While I try and encourage every body to improve their method of eating, I realise that it is only some of us who have the time and energy to source and prepare organic foods and regain some of what nature intended for us. However many of us have ultra busy lives and will at times rely on supplements to our diet.

Regain high energy levels, find balance in your body and life…

I am a strong believer in the effectiveness of Colloidal minerals and enzymes.
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These important building blocks perform indispensable functions in our body and are often missing from the modern diet, creating deficiencies which lead to health problems.

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