Why use Natural Therapies

People visit this clinic for many different reasons.  Weak immune systems, low energy, everyday colds, aches and pains, heart complaints,
menopausal problems, depression, dietary woes, beauty problems… the list is

Others seek more serious help for chronic or debilitating diseases. Often
these people feel that all sources of help have been explored or that natural
therapy may not complement their mainstream medication.  This is not always the
case and in many cases these conditions can be helped, making for interesting
and pleasing results!

At a time when orthodox medicine seems to have an answer, or at least a pill,
for almost anything, why use natural therapies?

* Natural therapies tend to focus on the source of a condition or problem,
rather than the symptoms. They are also commonly preventative, rather than
reactive (the solution at the top of the cliff, as the old adage goes, rather than the ambulance at the bottom).

* Natural therapies are effective against a number of ailments conventional
medicine fails to address and they rarely cause side effects.

* Many natural therapies can work safely in tandem with mainstream

* Natural therapies are not just about curing a specific disease or problem,
they aim to enhance general, daily wellbeing – that feeling of ‘get up and go’
you should have every day of your life!

What conditions respond well to natural therapies? To name just a
Depression, menopause, heart conditions, skin conditions,
immune system deficiencies, low energy, nutritional problems, digestive
complaints, constipation, anxiety, PMS/PMT (Pre-menstrual syndrome), back or
other muscular pains, insomnia, asthma, eczema, anaemia, stress… the list is

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