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While I am more than happy to answer basic questions about my work and approach by return email free of charge, if you have a specific health problem to discuss I would like to encourage you to make an appointment.
If you are unable to do this please feel free to contact me by email and while I obviously cannot diagnose or treat via email I can give basic advice and/or referrals.
These requests must be accompanied by a consultation fee of NZ$50 which can be sent:
by internet banking (I am happy to send an invoice) or  PayPal using the ‘Ask Alison’ product button on the On-line shop.

TO PLACE AN ORDER for HERBAL REMEDIES or OTHER PRODUCTS not available in the On-line shop:
Please send order by email
– Be sure to include your full name, postal address and phone number.
– I will advise an accurate total of cost by return mail.
– Your payment can then be made by any of the methods shown above.

PLEASE NOTE: I will not process your order until you have confirmed your payment to me by email. This prevents endless checking for payments which customers ensure me that they will make but do not quite get around to.

Alison Odey
Naturally Holistic Health

44 Arawa Ave, Maketu, RD9, Te Puke
New Zealand.

Phone: 0279200149