What is Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a system of medicine emphasising a holistic approach to health and healing, using the healing powers of nature.

Naturopathic practitioners (Naturopathic Diploma or N.D.) try to find the cause of a problem or disease by understanding the patient as a whole – mind, body, spirit. To do this they draw on a wide variety of therapies and techniques.

Why Naturopathy can work for you:
Naturopaths encourage the patient to understand how they can support the body’s own healing abilities to address an imbalance in their health and provide advice on lifestyle changes necessary to achieve optimal health. Emphasis is on the prevention of disease.

In many cases, it will not be the ‘presenting’ health problem that needs to be addressed, but long term, underlying difficulties, such as nutritional deficiencies or excesses. These must be treated for the body to regain its natural state of good health.

A good Naturopath will strive to treat the whole person, considering a range of factors before diagnosis and treatment. Some of these factors might be your emotional and mental wellbeing, your diet, your family history, your environment and your lifestyle.

Naturopathy and Nutrition:
Often, good nutrition will be a large part of what a Naturopath will recommend to patients. This is because the right food is often the best medicine and this concept is a foundation of naturopathic practice. Many conditions can be treated effectively with the right nutrition and supplements, without the hassle of side effects or further complications.

A consultation with Alison Odey may involve treatment with Naturopathic medicine. This is just one of the therapies Alison draws upon when treating patients.
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