Corns| Warts | Verrucaes

Basically, corns are caused by repeated pressure, friction or irritation to the deepest layer of skin. So the ‘cure’ is always to correct the reason for the pressure.  This may be as simple as changing to a more comfortable pair of shoes or it may mean treating a spinal imbalance so that the weight distribution over the feet is correct.

Corn plasters generally contain salicylic acid that will effectively ‘kill off’ the accumulated skin cells so that the skin can be more easily removed. The use of a pumice stone while in the bath or shower is the most effective way of doing this.

Some essential oils containing salicylic acid (Wintergreen) have a similar effect. Eucalyptus oil and Cinnamon oil can also be used effectively.

Another effective method is to use the sap from the garden ‘milk weed’ (Euphorbia peplus). Apply this daily to the corn. The sap will burn if it gets onto un-affected skin, so be careful.

If using this herb then make sure your mineral levels are high before hand. if not the skin will not heal well and can get very painful.

A slice of garlic taped over the corn can also be effective but be careful that it only covers the corn and not the surrounding skin, as it can burn.
A small piece of lemon rind can also be used in a similar manner since it softens the skin.

Verrucaes or warts are different. These are caused by viral infection (Human Papillomavirus) which can enter the skin through any micro injury.  This commonly occurs on the feet , especially when the skin is wet and soft as in showers or at swimming pools etc.

You can tell whether you have a wart/verrucae by ‘pinching’ the area. If it hurts it is normally a verrucae. If it only hurts when you press directly down on the area, then it is a corn.

These are more difficult to remove and if large can require surgical removal.
Sometimes freezing or freezing type treatments will work on smaller infections.
However warts/verrucaes are of viral origin and I have found that sometimes the long term use of anti-viral herbs can help.