Acne – facial

Acne occurs when the oil that is produced by the sebaceous glands, which are located in each hair follicle, becomes trapped, encouraging the growth of bacteria that in turn multiply and cause the surrounding skin to become inflamed.
Acne tends to affect young males more than females as the male hormones stimulate the production of keratin and sebum, which lead to the pores clogging.
Obviously it is important to keep the skin extremely clean and free of excess bacteria.

Many other factors can also contribute to the occurrence of acne and when it comes to treating any acne condition I’m afraid correcting the diet comes first.
It is important to avoid all added sugars, white breads, fast foods, all soft drinks especially coke, and keep up the fresh fruit and juices as well as more fresh vegetables, brown rice, wholemeal breads etc.

Add lots of garlic and onions as they act as antibiotics and can help keep bowel flora healthy.
Try and buy organic foods to increase mineral levels or if this is not possible just supplement with extra minerals, especially Zinc.

In most cases of severe acne the best results are obtained when improvement of function is made to the digestion (so that foods are properly broken down), to the liver (so that toxins are eliminated from the blood stream) and to the bowel (so that all toxins are removed from the body).

To improve the digestion take food enzymes with each meal or eat paw paw (papaya) or organic kiwifruit 20 minutes prior to meals. I recommend the use of enzyme products which are entirely plant derived, contain an effective dosage of digestive enzymes and are extremely well tolerated.
See page on  ‘Enzymes – what they do’

Herbal liver tonics containing St Mary’s Thistle, Globe Artichoke, Greater Celandine and Dandelion root support liver detoxification and also can improve bowel function. Turmeric is another good herb to use and can be added to food.

Blood cleansing herbals that contain herbs such as Clivers, Burdock, Yellow dock and Sarsaparilla are also often used with good effect.

If bowel function is still sluggish (less than two good motions daily), add 1 – 2 tsp of psyllium, flaxseed fibre or slippery elm to the diet to add bulk and a little aloe vera or raw beetroot juice to further promote peristalsis.
See page on  ‘Bowel – improving action’

Also, many people with acne need not only to move the bowel more effectively but also improve the bowel flora and immunoglobulin status.  Lactobacillus acidophilus will help (eat lots of good quality yoghurt) but often better results are obtained if specific strains   are used and often in combination with Colostrum.
See page on ‘Probiotics’

If using Colostrum be sure to use it in conjunction with food enzymes as it is a high protein product.

Up-dated Jan 2020