Ageing Skin

Ageing is a natural process, and the skin always tells a story. It shows quite distinctly how much sun we’ve been exposed to, how much sleep we get (or don’t get), how much worry and stress is in our lives, whether we have smoked at all in our lives and also gives an indication of what our diets are like and how much nutrition we are getting. The skin is a visible guide to the overall health of your body.

All the signs of an ageing skin, such as wrinkles, dry skin, thinning skin, age spots and varicose veins are preventable but once the damage is done, reversing it is more difficult.
However we can help improve some of the outward signs that show themselves on our skin.

Excessive bruising is generally caused by the cell membranes being too weak and therefore easily ruptured. This can be caused by a lack of Vitamin C or other antioxidants and in many cases lack of Zinc and/or Vitamin E, as both are required to enable cell membranes to heal correctly. This can also be the reason why marks from old skin damage remain after a number of years.

As you age, collagen becomes less elastic and the skin will appear less ‘plump’.
The skin also becomes thinner as you get older because the collagen portion (the main supportive protein of skin) becomes less.
However, you can take steps to strengthen the skin and the small capillaries beneath it by taking vitamin C and/or a high strength antioxidant product daily.

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