The main reason for alopecia or hair loss is often vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies caused by prolonged or acute stress to the body. Poor diet, acute illness, surgery, sudden weight loss, skin disease or poor circulation can all be further reasons for vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Where you get situations of stress, then the body will utilise more minerals than usual and where stress is prolonged then sodium and potassium levels are likely to be low (along with many other minerals) and this will impair digestive ability and slow the absorption of nutrients.

Ideally natural treatments should address the reason for the stress as well as the mineral deficiency.

However in younger people, simply boosting the mineral levels in the body is often sufficient to see hair growth start to reappear. Colloidal Minerals are a good choice as they supply all needed minerals in a well absorbed form. Take about 1 tbsp daily. Be prepared to do this long term, not just for a month or so as it takes time to regain adequate mineral levels and for new hair to grow.
See pages on ‘Minerals – facts’ and ‘Minerals -why we need to supplement’.

In older people where the poor digestion is a major factor then this needs to be taken care of as well in order to get good results. This is because in order to obtain good strong hair growth you need an adequate supply of amino acids.

Amino acids are obtained from the break down of proteins, so where digestive ability is poor and proteins are not being digested you tend to get hair that is weak and tends to fall. To overcome this problem, start taking digestive enzymes with each meal. You do of course need to ensure that you are eating regular meals that contain adequate amounts of protein!

There are two amino acids in particular that affect hair growth, texture and help prevent hair falling out. These are methionine and cysteine. Cysteine is found in proteins and needs B vitamins to aid in its synthesis. Methionine is found in proteins such as beans, eggs, lentils, yoghurt and also in onions and garlic. These amino acids can be obtained in tablet form if you wish to supplement with them, in which case you would take 500mg of each twice daily and add a B complex each morning.

Keep in mind that ideally you do need to take care of the sources of stress as well if at all possible. If this is not possible then be sure to continue to take the measures mentioned above and also preferably some stress relieving herbals as well.

Also be sure to use a gentle and safe shampoo does that does not contain harmful ingredients.  There are several reliable brands on the market that are free from chemicals and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.

Remember that these articles were written in a general sense, often a personal consultation can be of more benefit and in this case gentle body treatments can help greatly.

Up-dated September 2020