Amenorrhea – lack of periods

Absent  menstruation is called amenorrhea. Over the years most women are likely to skip a period or two now and again, especially during times of stress. The holidays, special occasions, deadlines, changes in relationships, grieving, and traveling.
Absent or lack of periods can also occur when there has been a dramatic reduction in body weight. Even when exercising or attempting a vegetarian diet, weight and body mass index needs be to fully maintained in order for the menstrual cycle to continue as is normal. This means that at least 17-22 per cent of body fat needs to be maintained for normal periods to remain stable. If body weight for some reason is greatly reduced then it will need to be fully re-gained in order for periods to recommence.

Natural treatments should always look for the reason behind the condition and if possible treat this area first.
However for anyone struggling with anorexia it is very important to take extra Minerals as well as extra Vitamins so as to allow the body to maintain or regain normal functioning. Colloidal Minerals are great as they are easy to take and have wonderful absorption.

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