The term ‘angina’ refers to pain or heavy pressure in the chest that is caused by insufficient oxygen to the tissues of the heart.  It is typically brought on by physical exertion and is relieved by rest.  Angina is often the first sign of atherosclerosis – where the artery walls are becoming thickened and hardened by the build-up of fatty deposits and calcium.  Any natural treatments need to be aimed at attempting to remove the fatty deposits from the artery wall, improving the ability of the blood to flow more easily and also at improving metabolism within the heart muscle.

is often used to help remove fatty deposits. 1-3 tbsp daily to increase the solubility of cholesterol.
Mucilaginous fibres – oat bran, psyllium, flaxseed etc. should be taken daily to carry excess cholesterol from the bowel out of the body.

It has been found that supplementing the diet with Flaxseed Oil
can improve blood flow by reducing blood viscosity, take 1-2 tbsp daily.
The use of Fish oils will have the same effect.
Also use Garlic and Cayenne on a daily basis as they will also help improve blood flow.

If attempting to combine orthodox medications with natural treatments be sure to let your G.P. know what you are doing as some medications may require altering. Do not stop medications without consulting you G.P.

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