Anxiety disorders or panic attacks are far more common than realised. Many people affected by these types of disorders have often been coping with some form of stressful condition for some time but have not always been aware of it (i.e. prolonged periods in a stressful job or relationship, with no adequate respite to allow the body to recuperate).
This is not always the case, as many women will experience anxiety to some degree premenstrually.
Whatever the situation, the effect is usually one of increased adrenaline, which causes symptoms such as increased heartbeat, respiration and muscle tension. There can also be dizziness, sweating, hot/cold sensations, trembling etc.

During the premenstrual phase of the cycle increased adrenaline can be
associated with excessive oestrogen and deficient progesterone levels.
This can be helped by taking Vitamin B complex plus an extra 100 mg of
Vitamin B6 daily, plus Magnesium and at times Evening Primrose oil and/or hormone balancing herbs in the latter half of the cycle.

Where the anxiety is occurring at other times you would be well advised to
take Vitamin B complex with added Vitamin B12 as well as vitamin B6. Vitamin B12 often needs to be taken separately on an empty stomach
to get adequate absorption. See page on ‘Vitamin B12’.

As well as this, take 1 tablespoon of Colloidal Minerals daily to supply all
minerals rather that just Magnesium.
Minerals – why we need to supplement’.

Herbs such as Chamomile, Kavakava, Californian Poppy, Hops,
Motherwort, Zizyphus, Valerian and Passionflower
can all be a wonderful help in situation like this, as can Saint John’s Wort which at times has the ability I feel, to ‘take the bumps’ out of life!!

Evening Primrose Oil used in 3000mg doses can also be a great help and
can be used all the time or just as needed. I often recommend the use of Evening Primrose Oil firstly and then if necessary other herbs or blends that I find particularly useful at night to aid sleep and relaxation.

It also is a good idea to watch your diet (no refined foods, keep sugars to a
minimum and increase fresh vegetables and proteins) and watch blood sugar levels.
If your blood sugar levels are imbalanced or what can be termed ‘skyrocketing’ – this is going from very high, after say a cup of coffee with some sugar to very low an hour later – you will often feel shaky, confused, your vision may be fuzzy etc. When it’s low some people in this state can also feel anxious. Keeping to regular frequent meals, preferably all containing some protein, can to a long way to correcting this situation.
See page on ‘Blood sugars’.

Remember that these articles were written in a general sense, often a personal consultation can be of more benefit.

Up-dated September 2020