There are two main types of asthma – allergic type asthma (extrinsic) and intrinsic. Allergic type asthma is generally triggered by allergens in the air and by some foods, although it can be made worse by cold air, damp and exercise. Intrinsic asthma will be characterised often by gastroesophageal reflux, emotional upset and possibly infection, but also can be made worse by cold air, damp and exercise. Both are principally inflammatory disorders.

The cause of allergy can be diverse. Ordinary environmental allergens (pollens etc) can be a major cause of bronchospasm but so can sensitivity to sulphites.

Natural treatments should always include the reduction of environmental allergens as this can reduce the incidence of asthma hugely. This would include removing all animal hair, dust mites (vacuum mattresses, get a good mattress protector), airborne moulds (use a dehumidifier) and pollens as much as possible from the surrounding living area. I also find that putting clothing through a tumble drier to remove lint and washing all bedding weekly can help.
Avoiding being exposed to cigarette smoke, perfumes, cleaners, insecticides is always important.

Sulphites are found as preservatives in many foods, mainly wines but also in dried fruits, some fruit drinks and also soft drinks (usually the cheaper ones).
See page on  ‘Sulphite Allergy’. Check the labels for (220).

Herbal remedies can also be of great help in asthmatic conditions.

The relaxing herbs such as Passiflora, Valerian and Chamomile can be applicable if there is stress involved and may be used separately as needed.

Osteopathic treatments to relieve tension around the bronchials and thoracic area can help hugely.
Finally breathing exercises are invaluable. Try learning yoga breathing.

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