Blood sugars

Blood sugar is needed by every cell in the body to create energy and if levels become low the result can be headaches,  depression/cryingspells,confusion,anxiety/irritability, drowsiness/fatigue and poor concentration.
Other symptoms such as sugar cravings, night sweats, excessive thirst, heart palpitations or shakiness after 5-6 hours without food and insomnia can also at times indicate a problem with blood sugar imbalance.
Keeping an even blood sugar level in our blood is critical to our well being. Levels can become imbalanced if there is an excess of stimulants such as nicotine, coffee, alcohol or Coke or excess of other sugars in the diet. Stress also can upset the balance.
See page on ‘Hypoglycaemia’.

The headaches associated with a sugar imbalance will often occur when the
blood sugar level in the body drops suddenly. People with this sort of imbalance
often have blood sugar levels that looks like a roller coaster, up for a short time then a sharp drop, this is when the head aches can occur, often combined with a feeling of confusion and fuzzy eye sight.

Fortunately for most people, changing or improving the diet will solve most blood sugar imbalance problems.
The first thing to do is to insure that all added sugars are eliminated from the diet and that
breakfast is never missed!
Breakfast should be a reasonable meal and not simply coffee and toast or a refined carbohydrate cereal. Eggs on toast is ideal! Or baked beans on toast! Alternatively a whole grain cereal which is high in protein (nuts, seeds, coconut etc).
See my recipe for a High Protein Museli. It’s great and very easy to make.

Keep meals small and frequent. Going long periods between meals can often result in the blood glucose level dropping to very low levels and this needs to be avoided.

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