is inflammation of the mucous membranes of the bronchi, which are the airways that carry airflow from the throat into the lungs.
Bronchitis can be divided into two categories, acute and chronic.

Acute bronchitis is characterized by the development of a cough, with or without the production of sputum.
Acute bronchitis often occurs during the course of an acute viral illness such a cold or influenza. Viruses are responsible for about 90% of cases of acute bronchitis.

Chronic bronchitis, is characterized by the presence of a productive cough that lasts for three months or more per year for at least two years. Chronic bronchitis most often develops due to recurrent injury to the airways caused by inhaled irritants. Cigarette smoking would be the most common cause.

I have found that bronchitis can often be treated successfully with herbal blends that contain herbs that have anti-viral activity and also herbs that are effective expectorants.
I will also often add herbs that have a dilating effect on the bronchi, others that can soothe and if necessary others that can reduce the spasmic type cough.

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