Brown rice – quick,easy cooking method

This is a very quick, easy, nutritional method of cooking brown rice.

This method of cooking whole grain rice is quick, requires no long monotonous
boiling and results in a beautiful tasting light brown rice dish.
It maintains all the flavour and nutritional value of the rice. Gone are the days of stodgy,
wet unappetising brown rice dishes that appeal to nobody least of all

What to do:

– Put your whole brown rice into a dry saucepan (about ¼ cup per person).
– Place over a medium to high heat and shake continuously as you would if
cooking pop corn. The rice will start to ‘pop’ (just as pop corn does) and
become browned. It will smell delicious.
Continue to do this until all the rice looks either ‘popped’ or nicely browned.
Don’t leave the saucepan unattended as the rice can burn quite easily.

Have a jug of boiling water handy.

– Lower the heat and SLOWLY pour over boiling water.
(This is fun as it behaves a little like a geyser, so stand clear of the steam).
Pour over sufficient water to just cover the rice once the water has settled down to a quiet simmer.

Cover the saucepan and let simmer quietly for 5-10 minutes or until all the
water has been absorbed. Check for tenderness.