Carpel Tunnel

The ‘carpel tunnel’ is a band of ligaments and small bones in the wrist.

Carpal tunnel symptoms may often be felt more at night, often when the wrists are held flexed during sleep and can spread to involve most of the hand, usually sparing the little finger area. Numbness, tingling or burning may be felt and the symptoms can even spread up the forearm.

Pain associated with carpel tunnel is due to median nerve irritation which can occur when the nerve is compressed by the collapse or inflammation of this ‘tunnel’. The median nerve is a nerve that begins near the neck and is responsible for both sensation and movement in the hand, thumb, index finger, middle finger and ring finger. At several points along its length it travels between or through muscles that, if tight, can compress and irritate the nerve as in the area of the wrist.

Therefore even though the pain occurs in the wrist often the cause of this pain may be further afield. It may be in the cervical spine (neck), shoulder or elbow.

Pressure in the area of the wrist may also be aggravated by, for example, overuse of the muscles there from one’s job. It can also be compressed scar tissue or oedema (swelling) during pregnancy.

Osteopathic manipulation and stretching can often ease the nerve compression in area of the wrist and in the neck/shoulder there easing the pain. Worth checking out before rushing off to the surgeon!

Along Naturopathic lines I often suggest the use of specific oils that may ease inflammation & congestion in the area & if used together results are often good.

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