Chemotherapy – boosting the immune system

Before under going any hospital treatment, it is of the utmost importance to boost the immune system as much as possible. In many instances if this were done initially then the body would not have become ill in the first place, but having said that, there are many situations in which people feel that they have no choice but to undergo hospital treatment.

In this case there are two extremely important reasons for which to immediately boost the immune status of the body. Firstly to enable the body to undergo the treatment process with out becoming further weakened and secondly to enable the body to continue healing afterwards and to ultimately overcome the presenting disease.

The most important elements in this process are minerals. This can not be stressed enough. Without all the minerals required for overall health the body cannot heal. In my opinion the best way to do this is to supplement daily with Colloidal minerals as they are in liquid form, provide 100% availability to living tissue, do not accumulate in the body and are non-toxic.
See pages on Minerals – facts’ and Minerals – why we need to supplement’.

Other alternatives are the green products such as Spirulina, Barley Grass, Chorella etc. Often these combined with Colloidal minerals work very well as they provide an extra protein source which is very important to a body that is struggling to heal.

Enzymes are also of extreme importance to the immune status of the body. Enzymes are necessary for all mental and physical functions and minerals are the catalysts that make enzyme function possible. Enzymes are found in all raw foods but when the body is already diseased the body needs far more than this to enable it to heal. Also we need to remember that cooking and processing destroys all enzymes and therefore most foods are deficient. For this reason enzymes need to be supplemented in large amounts, so use both capsulated forms and lots of freshly made juices. See page on ‘Enzymes -facts’.

Keep the bowel in as healthy condition as possible. There are a number of bowel cleansing products on the market. See page on ‘ Bowel -improving action’ and ‘Bowel motions -What’s normal!’.

Below is listed more that can be done to support the Immune system:
– Take extra minerals. (i.e.) Colloidal minerals 10-15ml daily plus 1-2 drops of extra Selenium.
– Take extra vitamins B.
– Take extra vitamins A, C and E – all are anti-oxidants & can reduce the risk of radiation or chemically induced cancers.
– Use anti-oxidants such as Quercetin – anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, aids lymphatic drainage, anti -viral or Co-enzyme Q10 (best in large doses 200-300mg daily).
– Turmeric, Hawthorn, Grape seed and Green tea are also all excellent antioxidants.
– Use herbs such as Echinacea, Garlic, Astragalus, Andrographis, and Shitake Mushroom. All have imune enhancing properties. – I often reccommend a ryegrass extract which I find effective.
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– Use Siberian Ginseng and/or Withania – good herbs for strengthening the body.

Look to the diet:
– Avoid all added sugars.
– Buy as much organic produce as you can find – you do not want any extra poisons entering the body.
– Avoid fried foods.
– Use organic juices.
– Take extra Omega 3 fatty acids and/or eat fish at least three times weekly.
– Use natural, chemical free body products.

Support your liver:
– Avoid all alcohol
– Take herbs such as St. Mary’s Thistle, Schisandra, Dandelion Root, and Globe Artichoke. St. Mary’s Thistle is a wonderful protector & regenerator of liver tissue See page on ‘Liver’.
– Add carrot and beetroot juice to the diet. This is a wonderful way to support the liver.
– Adding lemon juice to fresh salads and juices will also help support liver function.

Support your gastrointestinal system:
– Eat heaps of yoghurt! Alternatively use a specific good quality probiotic product.
See page on probiotics.
– Use Colostrum powder – helps improve the immunoglobulin status of the gut.
– Take slippery elm powder in ½ tsp in yoghurt 3 times daily.

Always be positive and laugh more. This is great for the Imune system!!

All the above are safe to use while on chemotherapy but be careful if using powerful antioxidants whilst undergoing treatment as some can suppress the effect of the drugs which is not desirable if you have chosen to have this treatment. They are great to use once treatment is complete to help remove the chemical damage.