The alkaloid in cacao (cocoa) is theobromine, a methylxanthine, which resembles caffeine but has a less powerful effect on the central nervous system.
It is therefore not such a strong stimulant, but can still improve cognitive function.
It is also a smooth muscle relaxant, a cardiac stimulant and vasodilator and diuretic, all of which can have beneficial effects – this of course is true if cocoa is used in its pure form. (Ref Koham C., Psyche Delicacies. Rodale press. 2007).

However, once it is made into chocolate, it is mixed with sugar and the fats from the cacao bean are retained so the product becomes very fattening and the high sugar content can
cause all sorts of problems. Also these properties only apply to true chocolate not to ‘white’ chocolate.

So I guess the blessings of chocolate are mixed.
It is certainly possible for chocolate to make you feel more relaxed while retaining an alert mind.
However, eating too much chocolate can cause blood sugar fluctuations, skin eruptions and certainly add to weight gain … so I’m not sure it would be good advice to eat more.

If you DO chose to eat chocolate then make sure that it is a DARK chocolate containing AT LEAST 70% cocoa rather than a light ‘dairy’ chocolate.