Colds, Flus and sore throats

Original Question: ‘I have been continually plagued over the last six months with continual bouts of sore throats which turn to a cold and then if I’m unlucky go to the chest. I have had several courses of antibiotics, which help at the time but then the sore throat returns, usually within a couple of weeks. I am a school teacher so I know that my work environment is not helping……..I take Vitamin C and Echinacea but its obviously not enough to combat this cycle of infection. What else can I do as I do not want to continue the rounds of antibiotics’.

This sounds very typical of the many flu virus’ that can plague people during the winter. You are so right, it does not let go easily and will came back to haunt you if the body is not looked after sufficiently. These virus’ needs strong treatments but ‘natural treatments’ work well if used correctly.

At the height of the infection, I have found that the herb Golden Seal works well. Dose 500mg two to three times daily for ten days only.
Adding Quercetin can also help greatly as it helps drain the lymphatic system and is a great anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent.

Herbal blends can help you get over the infection you may already have and also to support the immune system so that you don’t sucumb again.

Also, it is important to take Colloidal minerals, at least 1tbsp daily to help build the body’s immunity back up. These contain Zinc in good quantities which has direct anti-viral activity and is essential for immune system function.

Then of course REST. This is often the most difficult part of the treatment, but important and can make the difference between failure and success.

Extra Vitamin A (cod-liver oil) is also helpful, especially when the mouth and lips are dry.

Vitamin C has been shown to shorten the duration of a cold, taken at a dose of about 500mg – 1000mg every 2 hours.

Sore throats needn’t necessarily turn into a full blown cold or flu if you treat it immediately that you notice the throat feeling uncomfortable and always make and effort to keep the immune system as strong as possible. One of the best and fastest methods I know of to treat a sore throat quickly, is to obtain some Propolis extract (not the lozenges**) and put 1-2 drops directly on the back of the throat 2-3 times daily. Follow it with a mouthful of water.
It is safe to swallow as it is also a very effective method of boosting the immune system. It may also be used diluted as a gargle but often this is not direct enough to stop an infection in its tracks.
Propolis is an excellent antibiotic for any mouth/throat infection and especially for the gums as it tends to ‘stick’ and not wash off directly.
However it does stain if dropped onto anything and can be very difficult to
remove so use it carefully, it’s worth the effort!
Propolis extract is available from this clinic, Contact us.

Another method that is convenient to use at short notice is to rub the entire throat area very thoroughly with ‘Tiger Balm’ or any other heat rub. Rub around and below the ears also as this can help the Eustachian tubes to drain and help prevent ‘glue ear’. Be careful with children, some heat rubs are too strong for delicate skin, a mild rub such as ‘Vicks’ is often better or blend your heat rub with a little plain oil first.

An older, but still very effective method of treating a sore throat is to make a lemon and honey drink. Use the rind plus the juice of a lemon, add boiling water and 1tsp of honey (Manuka if you have it), then a small amount (but as much as you can handle) of cayenne pepper. Mix all together and allow to cool. Sipping on this brew can make a world of difference to the sore throat as well as to any annoying cough.

Sugar, in large quantities, even if derived from a ‘natural’ source can impair immune function. This is possibly due to the fact that excessive sugar levels can decrease Vitamin C levels and result in significant reduction of white blood cell function.

Up-dated July 2015