Depression in pregnancy

This question concerned the taking of anti-depressant drugs during pregnancy.

I feel that to take any drug un-necessarily during pregnancy is foolhardy. Especially since there is so little known about the long term effects of any drug on a foetus.

The same applies, to the taking of strong herbal preparations during pregnancy and for this reason it is much safer to use Homeobotanical remedies instead.

In most cases it is advisable to encourage the pregnant lady to greatly increase her mineral levels. Even a simple (and extremely common) deficiency such as Zinc can cause extremely depressive symptoms that reverse quite quickly once the deficiency is corrected.

Colloidal minerals contain all essential minerals plus all trace elements, are safe and work extremely well.
See page on ‘Minerals – why we need to Supplement’.
Another excellent source of extra minerals is Spirulina, this may need the addition of extra Zinc.

Another common deficiency that can cause depressive symptoms is lack of B Vitamins and particular, Vitamin B12.
This is often overlooked as in many instances a blood test will show a B12 level to be normal. However this does not change the fact that increasing B12 levels will greatly increase energy levels and relieve depressive symptoms.
Most pregnant ladies will already be taking folic acid, so a change to a folic acid and B12 combination is often an easy and good move.

Homeobotanical remedies and/or Bach flower remedies for depressive symptoms
can be obtained easily and  they are effective and safe to use during pregnancy.
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