Dysmenorrhoea (Painful Periods)

Many women still unfortunately suffer from debilitating painful periods each month.
As long as this is ‘primary dysmenorrhea’ – and NOT due to other specific disease such as endometriosis etc, then often can be un-necessary as there can be some simple solutions. This is because sometimes the cause can in itself be very simple.
For example:
Low back strain/tension can cause painful, cramping periods.
Emotional problems and stress can cause excessive pain.
Over consumption of refined foods (white bread, sugars, coffee, wine, chocolate!) can cause painful, heavy periods, often clotted.

Sometimes hormonal imbalances can also cause painful periods but this also can often be traced back to the diet. This because as progesterone reduces (prior to the period) inflammatory mediators which can be produced in response to the consumption of many refined foods are released into the uterus. This produces an inflammatory response causing cramping, sometimes nausea, bloating and headaches.
So in many cases the diet has to be the first consideration.

Also the spine needs to be checked and any lumbar tension corrected.

Then, once these aspects are sorted there may need to be an increase in minerals such as magnesium glycinate for tension or Colloidal minerals for overall mineral deficiency.

Herbal treatments can also be very useful.
If the cycle is irregular you may want to try Chaste tree (Vitex Agnus) over several months.
Or there is clotting present or the blood flow looks unhealthy even once the diet has been corrected then Dong Quai can often be effective.
Herbals may also be needed to help in situations of stress. The particular herb chosen would depend on the situation but in many cases I find Californian Poppy useful.

Up-dated January 2016