Energy – lack of it!

This is one of the most common complaints that people present with when they visit this clinic.
There can be many reasons for this including the following:

Mineral deficiencies – some people may think of Iron deficiency (anaemia) as being a possible reason behind their tiredness, but often other mineral deficiencies can be implicated. This can be easily remedied by using a good quality liquid mineral. There are many of these on the market but I have not found that they all are effective. I stock a specific product that I have found to work extremely well.
See page on ‘Minerals and why we need to supplement’.

Spinal misalignment-this can cause pain and ANY pain will make the body tired, but also can be the cause of very tired legs, sore feet and general lack of energy.

Inflammation-from any cause will cause fatigue.  I would need to see you to sort this one out as there can be many causes and the treatment has to be appropriate.

Gut flora imbalanced-this can often be an underlying cause of inflammation. It can also be a cause of poor mineral/nutrient absorption.

Thyroid function-not being optimum. This is more common than many people suspect. It is a common cause of that totally ‘can’t move’ feeling in the late afternoon, especially in middle aged and older people.
See page on Hypothyroid.

Blood sugar levels -fluctuating or too low. This is also very common especially in people whose diet contains a high level of refined/high sugar/high carbohydrate foods.

Post viral fatigue–extremely common and unlike what many people think it is treatable. There are many natural products that can boost the immune system to the point that it can overcome this syndrome.

Stress –
this can be huge drain on energy that people often do not realise as it is an on-going part of life. However it is important to address this as it will not go away by itself. Re-structuring your life-style is best but if this is not possible then there are many natural products and various types of body work that can help greatly.
See page on ‘Stress and how to deal with it’.

Toxicity- a toxic body can also cause excessive tiredness. You may well need to look at using a liver tonic (AFTER building up your mineral reserves of course!).

This maybe just a snipet of what you need to know, so if you want to know more about this subject or have a personal question of your own, then please email me for a personal consultation, as all natural treatments are best if prescribed individually.
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