Enzymes – facts

1. Enzymes are responsible for nearly every facet of life and health and far outweigh the importance of every other nutrient.

2. Enzymes are needed to help control all mental and physical functions.
Each body cell has in excess of 100,000 enzyme particles necessary for metabolic

3. Enzymes cannot function properly without the presence of other substances.  Which are known as coenzymes. Coenzymes are minerals, vitamins and proteins.

4. Once enzymes have completed their appointed task they are destroyed.  For life to continue you must have a constant enzyme supply which requires continual replacement of enzymes.

5. Enzymes are found in all living cells including raw foods or those that cooked at a temperature lower than 116 degrees Fahrenheit.
Enzymes begin to perish when the temperature increases beyond 116 degrees,
therefore cooking destroys enzymes that are required to aid in the digestive
process forcing enzymes secreted by the body to do the work.
We need to eat as much RAW food as possible to prevent over taxing our bodys.
Foods especially high in enzymes are papaya, kiwifruit and pineapple.

6. Enzymes aid in transforming proteins into amino acids.
Protein does not perform its function unless broken down into amino acids.
Amino acids can be considered as enzyme carriers whose function is to transport enzymes to various functions in the body.

7. Hormones are primarily proteins which require interaction with enzymes to
regulate body processes.

8. Enzymes help to extract chelated minerals from food.
Enzymes transform chelated minerals into an alkaline detoxifying agent which combines with acid cellular wastes and toxic settlements within the body.
Thus neutralising them and preparing them for elimination.

9. Enzymes use minerals to create an even balance of dissolved solids both inside and outside the cells. Thus equalising both internal and external pressures, which we call osmotic equilibrium.

10. Vitamins are required as coenzymes to work with enzymes in every chemical reaction in every cell of the body.
Without minerals extracted from food by enzymes, vitamins would be unable to perform their function.

11. An enzyme deficiency must be carefully considered as a possible precursor of bodily imbalance and consequent disease symptoms.

Often where there is poor health & particularly if digestive health is poor I recommend the use of specific plant enzyme products as they contain effective dosages of digestive enzymes and are extremely well tolerated.

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