Fibrocystic breast disease

Original question: I have heard that by rubbing iodine onto my inner arm every day I can avoid the occurrence of cystic changes in my breasts. This interests me as I have suffered from lumpy, sore breasts on and off for years.
I have had a mammogram and there is apparently nothing sinister there and the changes are usually cyclic in nature. Is this snippet of information correct?

……Fibrocystic breast disease presents characteristically as a cyclic occurrence that can affect either breast with multiple cysts of varying sizes.

It is generally premenopausal, often associated with PMS, can be quite painful, but has no proven link to breast cancer. It is usually associated with hormonal imbalances which may be caused by, or aggravated by, stressful situations, poor bowel function, poor liver function, poor lymphatic function and as has been pointed out to you possibly by poor thyroid function.

Some research has shown that sub clinical hypothyroidism and/or iodine deficiency may be of significance in the development of fibrocystic disease. If this is the case in your situation then the daily use of a drop of iodine onto the arm or a daily kelp tablet may indeed help relieve the symptoms.

But you would be best advised to also look at bowel and liver function and also to check your diet for an excess of caffeine and sugars, as these are also are common culprits.

In the event of very painful inflamed cysts occurring cabbage poultices can prove to be very effective.
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Also increase Vitamin C levels at this time. Take at least 3-4000mg daily, or slowly increase to bowel tolerance and then gradually reduce the dose.
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