Fish Oils versus ‘Cartia’

Original question: ‘Can fish oils be taken at the same time as ‘Cartia’?

‘Cartia’ is an antiplatelet agent not an anticoagulant (Warfarin would come into this category).

However, my first thoughts would be; have you mentioned to your doctor that you are taking a Fish oil supplement as well as ‘Cartia’?

If not, then it is important to do so, so that bleeding time can be monitored to ensure that blood thinning effects are consistent and avoiding fluctuations in platelet aggregation that can lead to haemorrhagic stroke.

Bleeding time can usually be checked in the doctor’s office.
As it relates to anti-platelet agents such as fish oils, Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba and Garlic etc, a bleeding time of 4-5 minutes or less, could suggest that taking a higher dose of these supplements could be beneficial, whereas a bleeding time of over 9 minutes, especially in a person already taking an antiplatelet agent such as ‘Cartia’ might indicate that further supplement dose increases should be avoided or even reduced.

I am trying to point out here that many other ‘natural supplements’ are also antiplatelet agents and that many people in their enthusiasium to be ‘natural’ can in actual fact be over-dosing.

If you wished to stop or reduce your dose of ‘Cartia’ I would suggest discussing that with your GP as he/she is best placed to both check your bleed time and know what your past history and life risks are.

The dosage of fish oils required to alter a person’s bleeding time is a point of ongoing discussion and the problem people face is that there are no documented standards that deal with the ideal balance between natural antiplatelet agents such as fish oils, garlic, Vitamin E etc and the ideal dose of agents such as ‘Cartia’ or other anticoagulants such
as Warfarin (Coumadin).

Balance is the key, be watchful of any unwarranted bruising or small cuts and scratches that are slow to stop bleeding.