Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder involves inflammation of the shoulder capsule which results in a very stiff shoulder with a very limited range of motion and a dull aching type of pain. It often resolves itself over a period of time (up to two years or so), but can be very debilitating while it lasts.

However, Osteopathic treatments should definitely help. Osteopathic treatments for frozen shoulder are generally gentle and non forceful, just as encouraging the shoulder joint to move but not in a way that will aggravate existing inflammation which will already be extreme.

I have found that combining this type of treatment with the use of herbal anti-inflammatories works well. In addition the use of B12, especially combined with Iodine which greatly improves energy as well as helping nerve endings to heal.

Fish oils and Evening Primrose oil (used 3000mg twice daily), usually has good effect. Better to use an organic Evening Primrose Oil.

You may also need to increase magnesium levels if the body is very tense.
Colloidal minerals work very well and insure that all minerals are well balanced although some people may need extra magnesium at times.
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You also need to do gentle stretching exercises at home as well as making attempt to greatly improve the posture.
If your posture is hunched you can be fairly certain that your shoulder problems will remain difficult to resolve.
Joining a yoga class would be ideal.

Exercises that can be done at home would be things such as:

1. Lie on your back. Lift the affected arm straight up and over your head.
Take hold of your elbow with the other hand and gently try and push your arm closer to the floor, don’t force it, then let rest in this position, you will feel it slowly relax and stretch.

2. Standing: Lift the affected arm out in front of you and keeping it at the same height move it across the front of your body. Take the elbow with the other hand and gently try and pull the affected arm closer to the body. Once again don’t force it.

3. Hold a small towel or strap in one hand and drape it over the shoulder and take hold of it with the other hand behind your back. Gently pull the towel downward with the other hand till you feel a stretch and then pull up again. Repeat.

If you join a yoga class you will find there are many more exercises that can be done to mobilize a shoulder joint as well as improve your posture.