Gout is an arthritic condition characterised by a raised blood level of uric acid which causes sodium urate crystals to deposit in the joints.
An elevated serum uric acid level can be attributed to increased uric acid synthesis from purine metabolism or to a reduced ability to excrete uric acid. This is usually because the body is not producing enough of the digestive enzyme uricase, which normally would oxidize uric acid into a more soluble compound that can be excreted. Because uric acid is insoluble in water and deposits easily at colder temperatures, many people notice their gout is worse in winter.
In many cases the deposits (tophi) are in the joint of the big toe, but can also occur in the kidney, tendons and other joints.

Because gout is so closely related to the diet, the main natural treatment is to strictly avoid all foods with a high purine content such as shell fish, organ and offal meats, red meats in general, sardines, mushrooms, asparagus, rhubarb and spinach.

Also avoid coffee, sugar and refined carbohydrates that can further increase both uric acid production and inflammation.

Alcohol will decrease excretion from the kidney as well as increase synthesis of uric acid. Therefore it is a good idea to increase water intake so as to promote the excretion of uric acid and reduce the risk of gout and/or kidney stones!

Protein intake should not be excessive as too much protein (such as excess red meats and cheese) can also accelerate uric acid production.

Alkaline foods, i.e. raw fruits and veges – with the exception of those mentioned above, should be increased and protein digestion improved by taking a digestive enzyme capsule with each meal.

Evening Primrose oil taken at a rate of 3000 mg one to two times daily can help reduce inflammation.

Also any product containing Quercetin and Rutin will greatly reduce inflammatory symptoms and help reduce the production of uric acid.

Products that contain proanthrocyadins (OPC) will also reduce inflammation and can be very useful in gouty conditions, as can fruits containing high anthocyanoside levels.
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In some cases the No 10 Cell salt, Nat Phos taken three times daily can be effective, especially when the body is very acidic.

Another useful treatment can be to use Epsom salt foot baths when the need arises.

Herbs that can help gouty conditions are Olive, Nettle, Celery seed, or Alfalfa, which can be effective in reducing serum uric acid levels.

Other blood cleansing and detoxifying herbs such as Burdock and Red clover can be useful, and in some cases if the bowel is very congested, then there may be an improvement obtained by using herbs such as Barberry, raw beetroot juice or Aloe vera juice.

Up-dated Jan 2017