Hot flushes

HOT FLUSHES…what else to try when you don’t want to use HRT and Black Cohosh
hasn’t helped.

I have often noticed that the women who approach me about experiencing hot flushes and who have without success tried many different possible solutions, are usually those who are tired, over worked or stressing for some other reason.

When a woman is over tired or stressed I have often found Siberian Ginseng is an excellent herb to use. It helps the body to cope, during all times of stress but particularly during menopause.

Often I would add California poppy, Withania or perhaps Radiola (where there are symptoms of adrenal stress) to this prescription. These do need to be taken for a number of months to gain maximum benefit.
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I have also found the addition of magnesium to help in relieving hot flushes in some cases. However I have also noted that not all types of magnesium appear to work on an equal basis.
The best results I have seen have been with women using Magnesium Glycinate.
This is a highly absorbable form of magnesium.
If trying this method please be sure to also take liquid minerals as well, as although extra magnesium is often indicated post menopause it should ideally be taken in conjunction with other minerals to avoid an imbalance of minerals occurring.

Deficiency of magnesium in post menopausal women has been shown to impair glucose tolerance, be one possible cause of heart arrhythmias and is essential for bone and cardiovascular health.

Magnesium also protects against insomnia, depression, anxiety, and stress.
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Keep in mind that when magnesium helps this complaint then it is helping the muscles of the body to relax and on some occasions I have found that there is excessive of tension/congestion around the occipital (top of neck) area.
Once this congestion is relieved the Hot Flushes recede.
If you think  this could be part of your problem then either make an appointment to see me (if living locally) or to see your nearest Osteopath.

I have also noticed that increased levels of some antioxidants have helped reduce menopausal symptoms, which may be connected with the extra Vitamin C that some of these contain or may be connected with the plant sterols that antioxidants using Acai berry contain.
In particular I have noted the skin retain/regain its elasticity and vaginal dryness improve as well as overall well being. Sometimes there is a reduction of hot flushes but not always.

Soya foods / capsules have benefited many women as soya is one of a group of food that contain ‘phytoestrogens’ which can help balance hormones.

For some women supplementation with Vitamin E has helped and for others supplementation with Evening Primrose Oil.
Evening Primrose Oil would need to be used at a rate of 3000mg daily and usually greatly reduces stress/inflammation levels which can predispose some women to hot flushes.

Other than these ideas I suggest continuing to use Black Cohosh as it definitely does help over time. The addition of another herb such as Agnus Castus or Dong Quai, which have also been used traditionally to support women through menopause may also be helpful.