Hypotension or low blood pressure can be just as much of a problem for some people as high blood pressure is for many others.
It may indicate the presence of nutritional deficiencies such as low iodine, sodium
or magnesium levels, low B vitamin levels, low levels of proteins, or possible problems with thyroid function, adrenal function, or low blood sugar levels.

Blood vessel walls may well be weak.

Symptoms can be vague but may include fatigue, sensitivity to hot or cold, light-headedness especially on getting up suddenly, fainting and/or lack of endurance. However if you have this any of these types of symptom don’t guess your blood pressure have it checked regularly to be absolutely sure of what the problem is.

Alternative remedies that have been shown to help increase blood pressure often
include Hawthorn which historically has a reputation for strengthening the heart muscle tissue and can balance or tonify the heart and blood pressure.

Ginseng also acts as tonifyer in the body and can help balance blood pressure.

Ginger will help stimulate circulation and Rosemary also can help. These last
two herbs can easily be added to your diet on a regular basis.

Another herb that has the capacity to increase blood pressure is Licorice. Be careful how you use this herb and be sure to check the blood pressure regularly.

Diet itself is extremely important. It needs to include sufficient proteins (eggs, fish, chicken, nuts, seeds and a little red meat) as well as heaps of vegetables.

Minerals need to be supplemented and often B Vitamins also.
The use of a simple Multi-vitamin may be sufficient for some people, but I always notice better results when minerals are supplemented as Colloidal minerals in order to get a better up-take and range of minerals with B Vitamins are taken separately.

Exercise is important. It tones the body, and greatly improves and stimulates circulation.