Lemon, honey & cayenne

An old, but  very effective method of treating a sore and tickly throat is to make a lemon and honey drink.

Cut several thin slices of lemon. (Use the rind plus the juice of the lemon).

Put them in a mug or cup and add 1tsp of honey (Manuka is best if you have it).
Then a small amount (but as much as you can handle) of cayenne pepper (Capsaicin is the active ingredient in chilli peppers. It has important effects on pain-sensitive nerves).
Pour over boiling water.
Mix all together and allow to cool.

This drink does not have to be drunk all at once. In fact it works far better when sipped slowly.
Sipping on this brew can make a world of difference to the sore throat as well as to any annoying cough.