Magnetic therapy

Most people have now heard about the benefits of Magnetic Field Therapy even if just via TV adverts, and many have now tried them. Others are still asking questions as to how Magnetic Products work, are they safe to use, whether they are worth the money spent on them, and whether there is much difference between products from various companies.
I have used magnets myself for many years and have recommended their use to many of my clients, and have seen many wonderful results.

As to how they work, well I am no scientific expert but I have done a considerable amount of research into Magnetic Field Therapy and have come to what I think is a reasonable understanding of the effects of the magnetic field on the body’s cells.

It is necessary to understand that the function of the entire body is reliant on the basic cells of the body working efficiently. If they do not then the body will become tired and diseased.

There are many factors that can cause a cell to become fatigued, inefficient and consequently become diseased or die. Due to the large number of reserve cells in an organ, an organ of the body can deal with the failure of some cells, but as a larger number
become inefficient or fail completely then the organ will begin to show signs of

Magnets have been shown to revitalise low energy cells or those with restricted function. This revitalisation has been attributed to the improved supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells. Ideally we should receive sufficient biological energy via our food, water, natural sleep, exercise and the absorption of the earth’s magnetic field.

However most of us consume devitalised foods and water, we often don’t get enough natural sleep or exercise and live in stressful environments where we are continually bombarded with an excessive amount of man made electromagnetic radiation. This happens every time we use modern modes of travel and every time we use electric appliances.

This all contributes to the fact that the cells of our body are not able to revitalise or regenerate themselves effectively. Many of us also have suffered injury to the body that also contributes to areas of the body not being able to work efficiently.

Magnetic Field Therapy helps us regain some of this lost energy and regain cell efficiency.

Most conditions can be helped by the use of magnets but as always best results are obtained when they are used as part of an overall therapy rather than on their own. It should be made clear that magnets themselves do not heal anything, they simply stimulate the body to heal itself.

The body still needs to have adequate nutrients at its disposal in order to heal effectively and these often need to be supplemented.

Also magnets need to be used appropriately. For example applying a magnetic ankle strap to a painful ankle that is caused by referred pain from the spine is not going to as effective as treating the spine.

Using a magnetic bracelet in order to relieve pain in the lower back is not going to as effective as wearing a magnetic back support.

There may be people out there that dispute this, but this is what I have observed and experienced myself over along period of time.

There are now quite a number of companies marketing magnetic products of different types. I have not dealt with all of them so can not comment on the quality of individual companies products.

Some products have a very low gauss rating in their magnets and at times catches on jewellery etc. aren’t all that strong. Most however can be returned to the company of origin if you are not happy with the product.

The ‘gauss’ rating gives an indication of the magnetic intensity of the magnet and in general is lower in the adhesive type of products and in jewellery. Products with a low gauss rating can still work very well and are ideal for children and the elderly.

As to the safety of magnetic products, as far as I know there are no known side effects. The use of magnets does not interfere with drugs or medications and is not addictive.

There are however a few contraindications to their use; it is not advisable to use magnets if you are pregnant, suffer epileptic fits, wear a pacemaker or have any metallic implants that may possibly be dislodged by magnets ( stents may possibly come into this category , depending on the type of metal with which they are made ).

Also be sure to keep magnets away from credit cards, battery operated watches and hearing aids.
Strong magnets should be kept away from computers, videos, cassettes and magnetic tapes.
Remove all magnets before having an X-ray.

As well as the above contraindications I have occasionally come across people who maintain that they cannot wear magnets as they get headaches or feel that their complaint gets worse.
This is a known reaction, probably caused by the increase in circulation to a particular area and the increased flushing of toxins. Normally I would expect this to disappear after a day or so, especially if the person drinks a lot more water and increases mineral levels.

At times the polarity of a magnet may need to be reversed, however many magnetic products used nowadays have dual polarity or every second magnet is reversed.

In general a North Pole magnet will be used to sedate and a South pole magnet to stimulate.
Many adhesive products have the North Pole indicated with an indented dot or groove and this is intended to be placed against the skin.

Clinical experience has shown that either pole of these lower gauss magnets can work equally as well, but that stronger/larger magnets of 2500g or more are best employed by using either North or South Pole for specific conditions.
Dual poles may be used when the pain is located over a large area, for example as in back

The only other annoying but not serious reactions I have seen are allergic irritations to the plasters that hold the smaller adhesive magnetic spots in place or occasionally allergic reaction to the metallic coating of the magnet itself.
This last can be overcome by placing a smaller piece of plaster or cloth over the magnet before placing it against the skin.

Therefore since Magnetic Field Therapy has a therapeutic effect through the entire body it can be used where ever there is a functional disorder, where ever there is need for rehabilitation or mobilization, for improvement in circulation and metabolism, for boosting the immune system and for general prevention of ill health and increase in well being. Give it a go!