Motor Neuron Disease

I am no expert on Motor Neuron DiseaseĀ  but have come to the following, admittedly limited, understanding that there is no specific known cause but instead several hypothesis, some of which I have listed here:

There could have been childhood environmental or viral influence resulting in later persistent infections or inflammation, resulting further in auto-immunity to the extent that the nervous system is damaged.

Venous incompetence has also been suggested to compromise brain/nervous function and also to result in incompetence to the blood/brain barrier.

There has also been found to be considerable malabsorption problems in patients, especially with lipid, meat protein and B12 absorption.

Mercury and copper poisoning from dental amalgams has been suggested as a very likely cause of nerve problems especially those centering on the brain.

Also sensitivity to methyl xanthines, found in cola, coffee, tea and chocolate.

Based on these possible causes the following are suggestions as to how to treat this disease:

1. Avoid entirely all tea, coffee, chocolate and sugars as these can all cause sensitivity and inflammation.

2. The use of food enzymes to enable better digestion of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. These need to be taken with each meal.
See page on ‘Enzymes – facts’.

3. Take colloidal mineral daily to supply all minerals needed for optimum
health. Extra zinc and selenium may be needed.
See page on ‘Minerals – facts’.

4. Supplement with extra vitamin B6 and B12 to help the nervous system cope
with the symptoms being exhibited.
See page on ‘Vitamin B12’.

5. Take a strong antioxidant. This can help detoxify and drastically reduce inflammation. It also has the capacity to improve the blood/brain barrier
See page on ‘Antioxidants’.

6. Flaxseed oil taken 1 – 2 tablespoons daily can help improve the circulation; best combined with the use of other herbs such as Garlic, Hawthorn, Ginkgo, Cayenne, Ginger etc.

7. Visit an Osteopath, particularly one trained in craniosacral osteopathy as wonderful improvement can be made in some patients using this treatment.

8. Remove mercury from the body. This requires specific amalgam removal methods combined with the use of specific chelating methods and vitamin C.
Glutathione will help remove Mercury (as well as other heavy metals) from the tissues as will Zinc and Selenium but it needs to be removed from the mouth to prevent further absorption into the body.