Mucus – excess

In any condition where you have a continual build-up of mucus in the body – which will cause ear infections (as the eustacian tubes are unable to drain adequately), as well as runny noses and chestiness – you firstly need to reduce the amount of mucus being produced, secondly boost the immune system. and thirdly clear the body of the mucus already clogging the system

Reducing mucus: Excess mucus is often caused by insufficient digestion of proteins, especially dairy proteins. Avoiding dairy proteins in the diet will help but improving the stomach’s ability to digest these foods gives a far better long term result.

To help do this, supplement each meal with two digestive enzyme capsules and greatly increase the amount of raw foods in the diet. Enzyme capsules can be emptied into a little water or directly into food.  Chewable types can also be used but be consistent and use them regularly.

Eat as much raw fresh food as possible. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices are also far better than commercial juices that have been heated (enzymes are destroyed by any heating process) and often have preservatives added.
Avoid foods such as ‘Milo’ (TM), ice cream, cheese and other heavy dairy foods and
also all added sugars. See page on ‘Enzymes – facts’.

Sugars will greatly increase the amount of inflammation present and also reduce the ability of the immune system to work adequately. As most refined foods contain sugar you need to watch the diet very closely.

To boost the immune system effectively: Most people need supplemented minerals as well as herbal immune stimulants such as Garlic or Echinacea daily throughout the year – not just during the winter.
The addition of Thyme, Oregano, Sage or Olive leaf will also help.
Also rye grass extract is brilliant for kids as it is easy to take and works extremely well in helping to boost an ailing immune system.
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Liquid Colloidal minerals are great and Spirulina works well also. If treating a child, try using Colloidal minerals mixed in juice first, but failing this try a chewable multivitamin that has Spirulina or Barley grass as a base. If these measures are used long term the
incidence of ear infections and runny noses and other mucus conditions should
quickly diminish.

To clear the body of mucus: In situations where Eustachian tubes and airways
are already clogged herbal remedies can be of great help. Herbs such Marshmallow
and/or Fenugreek, Elecampane, Licorice, Lobelia and/or Euphorbia and Horseradish
will all greatly help clear the passages and expel mucus.

The bioflavoniod Quercetin is also of great value in these situations. It has an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-histamine effect and in addition is wonderful in helping the body expel mucus.
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If you suspect an ear infection has already manifested, immediately start using herbal or homeopathic ear drops, plus ‘Vicks'(TM) below the ears and around the throat to help the Eustachian tubes to drain.

Onion poultices also work extremely well and are worth the smell!
See page on  ‘Onion Poultices’.

Increase the dosage of garlic and/or Echinacea when infection is present.