Nail Biting

In most cases the most probable cause of nail biting is mineral deficiency.
In a healthy body where sufficient minerals are both supplied and absorbed into the body, nails will be hard and glossy, not pitted or marked and will have to be trimmed regularly.

The best suggestion is to supplement daily,  long term with either 8-10,000mg of Spirulina or 15 – 20ml of Colloidal minerals.
Colloidal minerals work best as the Zinc level is higher.
See page on  ‘Minerals – facts’ and ‘Minerals – why we need to supplement’.

As it takes a little time for the body’s mineral level to normalise and the new nail to show the effect of the higher mineral levels, the results will not be instant.
It will take some months for the nails to start looking much different as it takes several months for the stronger nails to form and grow to a point that the new and stronger nail is noticeable.

Also nail biting tends be habitual and some effort may be needed initially to break this. However it will happen.

Remember that in times of sickness or stress the body is going to require extra minerals so use a little extra at these times otherwise you may find yourself having another ‘good ‘ole chew’!

If on going stress is a factor, then steps need to be taken to address this.
Try and take care of lifestyle problems the best you can.
Herbal treatments are often extremely useful where lifes’ issues can not be dealt with all
See page on ‘Anxiety’.