Onion poultices

Onion poultices can be a wonderful (if a little odorous) way of treating
various ear complaints,  in particular ‘glue ear’. The warm onion will encourage
drainage as well as acting as an antibiotic.

To make an onion poultice:
– Either cut a large onion in half so that the central ‘rings’ can be taken
out, or roughly chop an onion so that it will make a soft ‘mush’.
– Heat the onion gently in a little water then wrap in a soft cloth.
– Check that it is not too hot as it is easy to burn young skin.
– Hold over the ear until cool.
– Repeat this as often as needed, the same onion can be used several times.

As well as having a warming, draining effect the anti-biotic components of
the onion will help reduce infection.