Perspiration is triggered by the autonomic nervous system, usually is response to an increase in the temperature of the body.

Perspiration is clear on production by the body, but contains salts and body oils that will, on exposure to the atmosphere, or due to an increase in temperature (such as that which
would occur if clothing is put into a clothes drier or an iron), turn yellowish in colour and can cause damage to fabrics.

As well as by exercise, which increases body temperature, the autonomic nervous system can also be stimulated by the use of synthetic hormones, oral contraceptives, steroids and some asthma drugs – caffeine in tea and coffee too.

Alcohol can stimulate excess perspiration by the dilation of the blood vessels as can some spices and of course stress!

Perspiration is relatively odourless.

The odour that we associate with perspiration is only caused by the reaction of perspiration with bacteria on the skin.

Keeping the skin well washed helps greatly and also the use of natural deodorants (such as silica crystal stones) which will suppress bacterial growth on the skin and therefore help avoid body odour.

If body odour persists I tent to think that often the problem can lie in the bowel which even if ‘detoxes’ have taken place can still hang on to stubborn ‘crud’.
A really good probiotic should help.
Also increasing foods that contain high levels of enzymes can help eliminate ‘crud’. Foods such as kiwi fruit, pawpaw and aloe vera juice come into this category.

To try and limit excess perspiration, first check your diet for any stimulants (including various spices etc.), limit alcohol in the diet and take note of any medications.

Make sure you try to buy clothing that is made of cotton rather than synthetics  and loosely fitting to allow the body to breathe better, and wash all clothing and bed linen frequently.

Many modern fabrics do not breathe well and are difficult to get completely free of perspiration, usually needing to be washed after a single wearing. As mentioned above, the application of heat will just set the perspiration into the fabric and cause staining, so be sure to wash and rinse clothing thoroughly.

The use of anti-perspirants is not recommended as many can contain aluminium and other harmful ingredients, and also because it is natural to perspire and suppression of this function is not the answer.