Polycystic kidney disease

Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disorder characterised by the growth of numerous cysts, predominantly in the kidneys, but also occurring in other organs such as the liver and pancreas.
The cysts can slowly replace the mass of the kidneys, reducing function and at times leading to kidney failure.

Symptoms can include blood in the urine and pain in the side (either one or both) caused by the kidney being enlarged an infected cyst, cystic haemorrhage or kidney stone.
There may also be excessive urination at night, bouts of abdominal tenderness, high blood pressure, joint pain, drowsiness and nail abnormalities.

Treatment may include the surgical removal of the cysts but this does not alter the course of the disease.

Natural treatment includes watching the diet. Keeping to a low protein and low salt diet will help slow the progress of the disease and ease symptoms.

Avoid oxalic foods such as sea foods, spinach, rhubarb, chocolate and cocoa and also avoid soft drinks, coffee and too much tea.

Also include lots of garlic, ginger and turmeric in the diet as they are wonderful anti-oxidants and help prevent infection.
Brown rice and raw honey are also both recommended.

Herbal treatment can improve symptoms, reduce inflammation and the chance of
infection. It can also offer a better quality of life.
Herbs to use would be Cornsilk, Buchu, Fenugreek, Schizandra, KumarahouĀ  and Barberry or Golden Seal if there is chance of infection.
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Ginger compresses are apparently specific (they help warm and drain the body). Use grated ginger in a muslin bag. Drop it into a small amount of boiling water and simmer slowly for Ā½ an hour. Wring out the bag, cool slightly then place around the back covering the kidneys and applying pressure with the hands.
Hold in place until the temperature has dropped then place back in the water and once hot, reapply to the kidney area. The same ginger bag can be used 4-5 times.

Warmed sesame oil applied to the kidney area is an old Ayurvedic remedy used
break up cysts and help expel them from the body.

Include in the diet foods that help the liver such as green vegetables, watercress and artichoke and also foods that help the kidney such as watermelon and pears.
The fruits are best eaten alone and between meals.