Pregnancy – healthy

Many studies have shown that improved general health and an improved out look
on lifestyle can greatly improve couples chances of conceiving a healthy child and carrying full term through a healthy pregnancy.
Improved health will also facilitate a straight forward labour and make breast feeding a
lot easier.

It is best to consider at least four to six months off any contraceptive pill prior to attempting conception. This will allow the body time to re-balance its hormonal cycle, to tonify generally and to raise mineral levels.

Use Natural Family planning methods with the use of abstinence or barrier methods of contraception during the fertile periods instead.

It is important for both parents to follow a healthy regime, not just the prospective mother, as in many cases of failed conception it is the males sperm that is deficient and the quality of sperm is greatly related to mineral (especially zinc) and vitamin levels.

Generally it takes about four months to see a difference in the TZI (teratozoospermic index) in a man but this can take longer where there is a lot of weight to lose or detoxification to do.

Both parents must totally avoid the use of alcohol, caffeine, smoking and all but absolutely necessary medical drugs.

Both parents must eat good fresh whole foods, if possible organically grown but at least as free as possible from additives and preservatives. Avoid canned meats and fish and any food that could possibly be spoiled.

Both parents need to make an effort to greatly improve mineral levels. Improving the diet will help do this but in most cases it is advisable to supplement with mineral as well. One of the best means of raising mineral levels is to use Colloidal minerals. Spirulina or Barley grass added to the diet will also work well and have the
added advantage adding extra vitamins and protein.
See page on ‘Minerals – facts’ and Minerals – why we need to supplement’.

It is a good idea to obtain a mineral analysis (hair or urine) to check the mineral status and also to check for the presence of heavy metals that may be affecting the health status of the body.

Both parents need to follow a regular exercise program (but be sure that it
is not an excessive one) and if necessary learn relaxation techniques.

Especially do not stress over ‘not becoming pregnant’ this month!! It will happen when the body is ready.

If necessary seek treatment for any health issue or hormonal imbalances.
Often areas of concern will improve as the nutritional status of the body improves, but in other cases herbal remedies may be needed to help tonify the body.

If continually using a computer all day, then perhaps a little Kelp is also needed to supply extra iodine. This will help counteract the effects of radiation and the electromagnetic fields from the computer to a point, but it may also be worthwhile to invest in a bio shield or a similar device to further block these energies.

Recommended reading: ‘Better Babies’ by Francesca Naish.