Psoriasis is a non-contagious skin disorder that ususally appears as inflamed, swollen skin covered with silvery white scale.
These areas of skin can become quite raised. It most commonly affects the scalp, elbows and knees.

Psoriasis can be difficult to cure at the best of times, as attention does need to be paid to the diet and stress levels as well as treating the liver.

The diet should ideally be high (80%) in alkaline foods such as fresh fruit and veges, with addition of fish (at least 150mg of oily fish such as salmon, herring, sardines etc daily and/or fish oils) and the careful avoidance of acid forming refined foods, sugars, preservatives, colourings and saturated fats.

Avoidance of pork can also be effective in some cases.
Avoid also calcium high foods (cheese, milk, cream, ice-cream, yohurt – which are mostly acidic anyway)and calcium supplements.

Evening Primrose Oil in reasonably high doses, 3000mg 2-3 times daily does wonders to reduce inflammation (not the itchiness) and relieve stress.

The Celloid PS 29 or No 7 cell salt also may help dry itchiness.

Mineral levels always need to be increased, especially zinc.
The easiest way to do this would be use Colloidal minerals – take at least 1 tbsp daily. In some cases extra zinc may be needed.

Levels of zinc can be determined often by the ‘taste’ of the Colloidal minerals, which if unadulterated in any way should be very strongly metallic. If there is very little taste after taking Colloidal minerals for several months then add 1-2ml of Zinc liquid daily until the
‘taste’ becomes very strong.
See page on ‘ Minerals – facts’ and ‘Minerals – why we need to supplement’

Appropriate herbs to use are: Coleus, Red Clover, Yellow Dock and Burdock as blood cleansers.

Polypodium Leucotomos, a fern found in Central America has also been reported to
have beneficial effects for people suffering from psoriasis.
Can be sourced as a tablet in combination with Vitamin D.
Please ‘Contact us’ if you would like this product or, if unsure whether this product is for you, then send your query and details to ‘Ask Alison’.

St Mary’s Thistle as a liver detoxifier. Skullcap, Vervain, Chamomile
or Passiflora to relieve stress.
The addition of Sarsaparilla is also indicated for psoriasis. Herbs are best taken as a fluid extract at least 3ml in water twice daily for several months.

Other successful remedies that have helped in individual cases have been
– look after and tonify the Liver. See page on ‘Liver – the facts’.

– increase progesterone levels (your progesterone level can be checked by a saliva test, a Naturopath could arrange this for to be done).

– use Niacin (B3) therapy – combined with a high colloidal mineral intake, as
B3 increases circulation to the skin. See page on Niacin- use of B3′.

-supplement with Glutathione, which is a wonderful detoxifier of the liver.

– improve digestion, as incomplete digestion of proteins can cause the formation of polyamines, a group of toxic amino acids that can greatly contribute to the rest of cell proliferation.
Food enzymes should be used with every meal and include as much raw foods into the diet as possible.
See page on ‘Enzymes – facts’.

– Improve Aerobic and Lymphatic exercise, try using a ‘Lymphasiser.