Puffy eyes

Original question; ‘For some time I have had problems with waking up with very puffy eyes. They improve once I’ve been up for an hour or so. I have tried using cucumber slices, cold tea bags and washing my eyes with eyebright extract, all of which help but the problem reoccurs the next morning as per usual. I don’t think I’m allergic to any thing, but is there any solution??

Puffy eyes can be caused by a number of problems. The methods of reducing this puffiness that you have used are really simply easing the congestion that has already occurred. It is far better to work at eliminating the cause.

Do you get enough sleep? Tiredness would be the major cause of puffy, dark circled eyes. Try and get the required eight hours sleep nightly.

Avoid sleeping face down or with a pillow that is too flat as this can impede lymphatic drainage.

Check that you are not using a feather pillow, as one of the most common causes of sinus problems (which can often be the cause of puffy eyes) that occur at night is the use of feather pillows and duvets. This is because the tiny dust mites that love to feed on old skin particles and cause problems for many sensitive people, also love to feed on feathers as they are composed of keratin just like our skin!  If this is the case you need to find a pillow that is both firm and non-allergenic.

Check that you are not using an eye cream that is too heavy as a heavy cream can clog the pores of the very fine skin of the eye and cause puffiness.

Check that your salt intake is not too high as excessive salt can cause fluid retention and therefore puffy eyes!

Sometimes kidney or liver function can also be at fault and a kidney and/or liver tonic may be a good idea especially if you are also prone to puffy hands and/or ankles.

Avoid drinking alcohol in the evening, especially if you suspect the liver to be compromised.

As to supplements, Evening Primrose Oil taken 2-3000mg at night can help ease congestion, as can 100mg of Vitamin B6.
If you continue to suspect an allergy (after eliminating all feathers!)  then try taking 500 – 1000mg of Quercetin nightly as this is a very effective antihistamine and can greatly improve lymphatic drainage.
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