Repeditive strain injury / RSI

In any situation of RSI the real treatment is to REST the afflicted joint.
However, when presented with this problem in the wrists, it is good practice to check the cervical nerves (those originating in the neck), as often if there is a problem in that area, it can cause pain, tingling, weakness in the forearms, wrists and fingers.
See a good Osteopath, make an Appointment.

Also check all work positions, especially if using a computer. The arm that uses the mouse must be resting fully on the desk (not just the wrist resting on the edge of the desk), the shoulder completely relaxed and the wrist itself supported.
If you haven’t got a gel pad, a rolled up tea-towel will do the trick.

Make sure seating position is correct, set so that the screen at eye level.

Have regular ‘micro-rests’ to relieve the work position.

Take at least 100 mg vitamin B6 daily and at least 250 mcg  vitamin B12 daily, as both can help relieve nerve pain and pressure.

Other helpful treatments for any RSI situation can be to:
– Take Evening Primrose Oil, 3000 mg at least twice daily can help greatly as it relieves inflammation and is a great help in stressful situations.

– Take OPC or any other strong antioxidant. There are both excellent and not-so-effective antioxidants on the market.

– Use herbal anti-inflammatories – herbs such as Turmeric, Tart Cherry, Olive, Devil’s Claw, Yucca and White Willow bark, in the short-term can be useful.

– Green-lipped mussel extract or any preparation of Glucosamine is effective in the long-term. Take at least 500 mg three times daily.
Results are usually very good but always better if the work situation can be altered to allow more rest or a change of position regularly.

Up-dated March 2017