Restless legs

Restless legs are usually blamed on a deficiency of magnesium, which is often true, however in many cases it can also be attributed to a problem in the lumbar region of the spine.

This area needs to be treated very gently using osteopathic decompression techniques.

Compressed nerves in the lower lumbar area will also cause aching lower limbs and often very hot, burning feet.
You need not have a painful back for this to be the case.

More often than not the lower back very gradually becomes compressed through years of standing upright, lifting, carrying etc.

As people get older the discs between the vertebrae become less pliant and do not regain their shape as they do in younger people and therefore remain compressed but without pain unless a sudden movement causes a severe muscle spasm.
See page on ‘Back pain – general information’.

In some instances, as previously mentioned the problem is compounded by a mineral deficiency. In most cases taking Colloidal minerals regularly will be sufficient butĀ  at times an extra magnesium supplement may also be needed.

There are many types of magnesium available on the market, however I have found many times that Magnesium Glycinate works by far the best. This is becauseĀ it is better absorbed into the muscles that many other types.
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For other people I find that the situation can be improved with regular spinal treatments combined with the use of certain muscle relaxing herbs. This can be useful when dealing with a stressful work situation, for example where someone has to stand for long periods of time.

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Up-dated April 2014