Riboflavin – Vitamin B2

Tiny cracks occurring at the corners of the mouth are often
a very good indication that the body is lacking in one of the B vitamin group,
specifically Vitamin B2, otherwise known as Riboflavin. Other
symptoms of B2 deficiency are lips that become painful, tender or fissured, or
similar sensations of the tongue and possibly also of the inside of the cheeks.
See ‘Cracks at the corner of the Mouth’

Sensitivity to bright light, or eyes that are reddened, burning or tired
easily and also loss of vision at a distance can be further indications.
As can oily skin and hair with a tendency to white heads, which may occur predominantly on the scalp.
However I find that white heads on the scalp are more usually caused by a deficiency of Zinc.
See page on Zinc.

Vaginal itching and other sensations similar to having low blood sugar
levels, such as slight trembling, dizziness or sluggishness of movement may also

Deficiency can occur if taking the oral contraceptive pill,
undertaking a lot of strenuous exercise, if ingesting antibiotics, anti-acids or
alcohol and I suspect that high stress levels can be added to this list. Also
possibly a heavy intake of tea or coffee may influence absorption.

Vitamin C as well as B complex are needed for B2 to be able to be utilized

Vitamin B2 is found in many foods (dairy products, eggs, fish, meat,
poultry, legumes, whole grains,
avocados, brassicas, any green
vegetable, kelp, mushrooms, brewers yeast, etc
), so really there should
be no reason for a dietary deficiency unless the diet is extremely